We are FAKE. We are the REAL DEAL. Our name says it all. A street-wear fashion brand build on unique principles. We don’t believe in stereotypes and hate clichés. Our clothing is outstanding and the quality highest level. FAKE is one-of-a-kind, a trendsetter in its own world. We want to stand out with each and every one of our creations.

As of 2015, we are shaping the future of street style fashion with collections for men, women and kids.

We are the original and we will die as an original, never a copy. This is why we are FAKE.

worldwide delivery

Yes, that's right, we are taking over the world.

our experts listen

Call, e-mail or text, but keep in mind that we are not psychiatrists..

credit cards accepted

Well, DUH!

who is the mastermind behind the idea?

Marko Djurovski, a creative hip hop artist who tailor made each and every single piece of clothing to fit his standards. Very high standards. In addition to creating, he carefully selects materials and controls production so that quality is always at the highest level.

Our plan is to take over the world, which is why FAKE is now available worldwide.

Note: Please listen to Hip Hop music before washing.


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